How do you draw a mandala?

(See video at the end of the blog post).

While there are many ways to draw a mandala, my favorite is to get out a pad of paper, a pencil and start doodling one! I find my best mandala moments are spur of the moment and not thought out.

This whole thing (the book, the workshops, retreats and blog) all started from a simple mandala doodle. Once I realized I could just draw one without special equipment (a compass, a ruler, etc), I couldn’t stop.

The first mandala I just doodled was on the way home from a trip to see family, about 10 years ago. As some family reunions go, there was some turmoil. A few of my closets family members got into a fight, which was totally unexpected. A lot of old “stuff” came up and it wasn’t fun to watch. On the 8+ hour drive home I was having a difficult time processing it. I pulled out my drawing pad and pencil. I forced myself to sing a happy song in my head and honestly all I could think about was “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.”

I wanted to draw a mandala but I didn’t have a ruler or a compass, so I just put a dot in the middle of the page and worked my way out.

I spent several hours drawing and coloring the mandala below and it helped me immensely.

So you can see, a mandala doodle may just change your life.

Below is a video I created – it’s not fancy but it will give you what you need to start doodling your own mandalas.

All you need is a piece of paper or notebook and a pencil to get started!

Let’s doodle!

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