Looking for a way to bring a group or community of people together in a meaningful way?

A community mandala can do just that!

I stumbled upon the idea of a community mandala while doing mandala workshops at retreats and other events. I noticed the large round tables where everyone was communing and thought how great it would be if there was a giant mandala that everyone could color while sitting around talking. So I drew one! 
I happened to have rolls of white paper that I carefully taped together and created a circle. I then got out my instruments (a pencil, ruler, and compass) and began the same process of drawing a mandala that I teach people to do on a 9 x 9-inch piece of paper. Except this was a 6 x 6 FOOT table.  So, I just kept drawing and drawing and drawing. It took about 6 hours and I drew late into the night, but the result was amazing (as most mandalas are, no matter what the size!)

They have been so successful in creating a sense of togetherness and belonging that people have been asking to have custom ones made for their own organizations including churches, conferences, and corporate events.  I have been creating community mandalas for retreats around the world.

Recently, I combined my computer graphic skills with my mandala work and discovered that I can draw them on an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. This allows me to print them at any size and have them printed and shipped anywhere.

It still is a labor-intensive process to create one, but I don’t have to actually be on site.

These mandalas are custom designed and are created with your logo or some other meaningful symbol in the center. The rest of the mandala is designed to carry the essence of your organization, event, cause or any other meaning you want to convey.

You decide on other symbols you want to be incorporated such as hearts, birds, butterflies, mountains, children, lotuses, yoga symbols, religious icons, etc. The sky is the limit! Together we will come up with a design that is perfect for your community.

A great conversation piece and selfie/picture spot!

Black and White Large Mandala

Black and White Community Mandala

How it works:

You can choose any size up to 6 feet round. Mandala is printed on high quality, outdoor material with grommets that make it suitable for hanging and great for conversations and selfies! (Sharpie markers work the best for coloring). Children’s mandalas can be printed on standard heavy paper and can be colored with children’s markers (does not come with grommets.)

The process:

  1. Fill out the contact form or call the number on the form
  2. We will reach out and schedule an appointment to discuss details
  3. Contract is signed
  4. You send us your logo (we can re-draw your logo, so no worries if you don’t have a high-res version)
  5. Mandala is created and a proof (small version) will be emailed for review
  6. Changes will be made if necessary (up to 2 revisions)
  7. Mandala is printed and shipped to your location

Contact us to get your Community Mandala started!

A few more community mandala pictures: