A Note From the Author: Kathy Rausch

Do you know how FREAKING AMAZING you are?

Every day you wake up and begin the creative process of being alive.

There is not one person on this earth who isn’t creative.

Divine energy moves your fingers and wiggles your toes. It breaths your breath and pumps your blood. What a gift!

YOU alone have the power to direct YOUR divine creative energy!

About Kathy

Kathy was guided in the middle of the night with a voice telling her to write “Activate Divine Creativity” to help women become mindful and find joy in their everyday lives. She thought, “Ummmmm…. OK,” and wrote the name of the book down and went back to sleep. That same night she woke up with a message, “Here are the names of the 8 chapters.” and wrote those down as well.

Kathy has never considered herself a writer. She had been a blogger for over 10 years, but a book?

As luck would have it, or rather as Divine Guidance would have it, Kathy told a good friend and colleague, Tonya Tiggett, about it a few days later. Unbeknownst to her, Tonya was actively looking for a keynote speaker for an annual event and said to Kathy, “Great! I’ll have you as my keynote speaker next year and I’ll buy 100 books!

Once again, Kathy said, “Ummm, OK.

Yes, Kathy was guided, prodded, pulled and directed as she wrote her book. Since the first keynote speech in 2015, Kathy has spoken at conferences around the US and Canada at retreats and conferences for spiritual and corporate folks. At each conference, she has provided a book for all attendees. She has created Art Zones where people gather and create. Kathy most notably provides her signature 4 – 6 feet wide, custom “community” mandalas at each event.

Teaching others to doodle mandalas brings Kathy great joy and helps balance her life, she hopes others will get a sense of balance and joy from the process as well.

Kathy has been painting, drawing, doodling, and creating mandalas of all kinds since 2000. She is a guest speaker and artist at retreats and conferences around the world bringing the magic of community art and mandalas to the attendees.

Kathy has been an active member of The Columbus Center for Spiritual Living since 2008. She has served on their CORE Council (board of directors) for 3 years, with 1 of those as the president. She has been active in the center’s choir, music team, ushering, hospitality, compassionate care, Sunday school, and technology.

Kathy is an avid entrepreneur and educational speaker, with over 25 years of experience in digital media. She has worked with companies, government agencies and non-profits of all sizes across the country achieve online marketing by maximizing the impact of their website, email marketing, and social media efforts. You can see more about her company and her full work bio at TekMiss.com.

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