This mandala was inspired by the ever changing nature of life.


As I doodled it, I had no agenda in mind as to what I wanted to end up in the mandala. You may say, That’s obvious! It’s so simple!” Yes, it is simple. The rule that everything changes is simple and easy if we allow it.

Think of a few milestones in your life. We have hundreds of them!

Everyday is a new adventure.

Even as we’re going through big changes like getting married or getting a divorce, we still have to get up, suit up and show up. Living in the moment is the most powerful thing you can do each day to make sure you can handle the big changes that come your way. Each small thing you do each day impacts the power you have to handle life as it comes. Doing yoga every day will impact you just as sitting on the couch watching TV every day.

It’s your choice! You could do yoga everyday and watch TV everyday – ha ha!

Here are some questions for YOU to contemplate as you color this mandala:

What small steps are you happy about that you have you taken to be the person you are today?

What are you grateful for today that is a result of changes you have made in your life?

What small changes can you make each day that will have a positive impact in your life that will add up to a big change you want to make?

Download the mandala and color it while you contemplate each question (or Buy it Amazon.) and let me know what it inspires for you! Share it here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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