Date:February 16, 2022
Create your own unique mandala from the comfort of your home.
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Venue: Zoom Class
Address: zoom
Special Instructions: Draw Your Own Unique Mandala Do want to be more mindful, retain more information, reduce your stress, and be more joyful? Mandalas are known to have the energy of healing. Creating mandalas helps to facilitate healing of physical, mental, and spiritual issues. And they are just plain fun to create and color. In this class, you will draw your own unique mandala. I'll get you started and then it becomes your own. You'll then know the process to continue drawing mandalas for the rest of your life. The LIVE Virtual Mandala Class Includes: A 2-hour LIVE Zoom class with Kathy Rausch. An email with a list of supplies needed for the class. Recording of the class. You will learn the meaning of the mandala before we dive into the creation of your own. Everyone will begin with the same process, and as we progress you will learn how to personalize your mandala to be your own. We will go over different symbols and their meanings and you will be guided as you grow your mandala with your own expressions of creativity. A few comments from past students: "Best 2 hours 'other side of my brain' stretch I've had in recent memory! Very much appreciate this!" "LOVE THIS! thank you so much!!!!" "Many, many thanks - really enjoyed this lesson!" "Thank you. So much fun. I'm going to incorporate this into my scrapbooking and card making which is my stress relief." "Thank you!!! this was amazing!" "Thank you, this was great fun!!" "You are such a fun teacher Kathy! Loved your class." "I appreciate your help getting so much more creative!"
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Time: February 16, 2022, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This event is open to the public.


Topics: creativity, mandalas
Event Type: Mandala
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