Science of Mind Magazine Book Review

I am honored and excited to have gotten a wonderful review in the international magazine: Science of Mind. Below is the review in it’s entirety.

Activate Divine Creativity: The Life Changing Magic of the Mandala

By Kathy Rausch

Reviewed by Erika Luckett

If you’re looking for a powerful and simple way to access an expanded state of awareness, Kathy Rausch’s book, Activate Divine Creativity: The Life Changing Magic of the Mandala is just what you’ve been looking for. Having experienced remarkable shifts through her own journey with mandalas, Rausch shares a map for exploration and allows the reader to delight in discovering their unique terrain. Writing with the ease and intimacy of a close friend, she offers a clear and rewarding path for everyone regardless of their confidence as “artists.” This simple yet powerful process is rooted in ancient tradition but is groundbreaking in its accessibility.

For several decades meditation has moved from the esoteric margin of spiritual practice to mainstream culture. Too often, though, meditation cushions and prayer beads morph into decorative items instead of tools for deepening. With Rausch’s clear and effective guidance, there’s a new doorway (that’s been around for millennia) ready to be opened!

The coloring book craze is an appetizer compared to the feast of rewards that emerge from creating a personal mandala.  By following a few easy steps, each line and curve draw us into a field of presence.

Whether a seasoned meditator, artist, or seeker who wants to delight in creating an exquisite rendering of their inner world, make this book your next adventure of self discovery!

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