I have to be honest – I have never done “chakra” work.

I do believe that we’re all energy and that there are many natural ways to balance our “energy systems.”  I regularly have acupuncture treatments at Preferred Health Solutions, go to Bikram Yoga two to five times a week at Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus and see a chiropractor, Worthington Optimal Wellness. So, I guess that puts me in the category of people who would work on their chakras!

What I love about Chakras the most are the colors associated with them. If you search “chakra mandalas” on the web – you’ll be amazed at how many images you find! I bought the image below to use as an example for myself and my students.


I was super excited about the prospect of creating mandalas in one color scheme. Something else I’ve never done before.

I was surprised at how much fun it was to create a mandala in different hues, shades and gradations of red (the root chakra).


To teach this workshop, I set up stations with markers, colored pencils and glitter glue with only the color of each chakra. After the initial meditation, I asked each person to consider which chakra they were lead to work on.

It was amazing to watch everyone naturally go to a station and choose supplies that were in one color scheme. For 2 hours they created beautiful mandalas using only the colors of the chakra they wanted to work on.

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