What is a Mandala?

The most basic definition of a mandala is “circle.” Mandala is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to “circle”.

Ok, then why don’t I just teach people how to draw circles? LOL!

Upon further research, I found that in Sanskrit, manda = “essence” and la = “container.”

Essence container. Now we’re talking.

A mandala is a circular, essence container.

Many people have heard of the sand mandalas created by Buddhist monks. These beautiful mandalas are meticulously created with grains of colored sand. Once complete, they are deconstructed and transported and released into a close body of water. Read more>>

Quotes on Mandalas

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Creativity: The Magic Elixer of Life.

I cringe when someone tells me, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

If you weren’t creative, you would have no bones… you’d be dead.

This is the truth. Plain and simple.

Your body needs creativity to function. 

No, I’m not saying you are somehow magically doing an oil painting you’re not aware of.

I’m stating the fact that your body is constantly creating, every day, 24/7, 100% of the time.  Read more >>

Quotes on Creativity

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