Online Mandala Doodles Drawing Class

Creating your own mandalas gives you a way to be calm, relaxed, and creative at the same time.

Carl Yung used mandalas in his work for years. He said that creating mandalas helps you work out things in your psyche that you’re not even aware of. You will feel better. You will access your inner creative self.

Each module comes with:

Written instructions and a video online. I will walk you through the process. A PDF of the instructions you can download to keep.

You also get:

A comprehensive list of suggested supplies including, papers and types of markers and pencils to use on both black and white paper (and supplies to bling them up the mandalas if you’d like!) A PDF of the supplies you can download to keep.

A comprehensive list of symbols, including drawings that you can copy and trace. A PDF of the drawings and meanings you can download to keep.

Tips and tricks such as how to easily trace without tracing paper, how to effectively use glitter glue, how to color gradients with colored pencils, and more. A PDF of the tips and tricks you can download to keep.

Purchase the online workshop and get a free copy of

Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala for $18.