We were driving home from a family trip. As usual, I had a big bag full of markers, sharpies, colors and even glitter glue. (I always travel with an ample amount of art supplies).

The trip had some family drama in it and I was still uneasy and upset about what had happened. But by this time in my life I knew I had the ability to “reframe” my feelings and find some meaning to it. I knew for me it was about forgiveness.

The song “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” started going through my head. I pulled out some paper and doodled the mandala pictured here. It took me a few hours to draw, outline and color it in.


I doodled and colored and I didn’t “think” about anything.

Within a few days, I had resolved this issue for myself with my family members. I remember being surprised by my responses when I was on the phone and thinking “geez, how am I able to stay calm about this?”

Years later, I attributed it to this mandala which I’ve named “Forgiveness”.

Is there any proof that this is true? I suppose not other than MY life was changed and I like to think it helped a few family members as well. After that, my mandala doodling obsession took off.

For me, that’s more than good enough.


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