Mandala Tapestry Grace and Ease

Mandala tapestries are a wonderful way to bring joy and color into any room. They are popular in bedrooms on the wall or draped over a bed. Mandala tapestries are a great addition to a living room or a great room with a large wall to fill. Mandala tapestries are fantastic in yoga studios and therapy offices. Mandala tapestries make great gifts!



Mandala Tapestries are used for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga

Carl Jung, the father of psychotherapy said that mandalas help people work things out in their psyche without even knowing it is happening.

Mandala tapestries have a wide variety of colors, shapes, and symbols, each representing different things and provoking unique feelings that help people process ideas, memories. Mandala tapestries are a great tool to help you grow spiritually.




Uses of  Mandala Tapestries

Although a mandala tapestry is often used for meditation, you can use it in multiple ways to suit your needs. Captivating and eye-catching, it can make a great addition to your life. A mandala tapestry can make your living room stand out when using it as a curtain. The bright colors and unique shapes will create a relaxing effect as natural light passes through it. A mandala tapestry may also be used as a bedspread, giving your bedroom a bold new look.

Mandala Tapestries can also change the appearance of your walls if you use it as wallpaper. Not only will your guests have a piece of art to look at, but it will also work its magic and create a soothing environment. Its abilities do not only end with using it on walls; the mandala tapestry can also be used as a tablecloth. Therefore, it can improve your mood while having dinner.



Mandala Tapestries can be used in any room of your home, office, or vacation home.

The Meaning of Mandala Tapestries

All of the Mandala Tapestries sprang from the book, Activate Divine Creativity: The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala. There are 8 chapters with 8 corresponding mandalas. Below are their pictures and meanings.

Mandala Tapestry: The Seed is Planted.

The mandala tapestry titled “The Seed is Planted” is about the beginning. Everything starts with an idea, a conversation, a seed. Once that seed is planted, creation begins, whether it’s a project, a report for work, a book, a painting, a home, a family. It all begins with a simple thought, act, or seed.Mandala Tapestry The Seed is Planted

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Mandala Tapestry: And So It Grows Expansion and Creation – Tapestry

Once creation begins, there is no stopping it. Expansion begins immediately and takes on the form or essence of the seed that was planting. A tiny seed becomes a large apple tree because the instructions to expand and grow were within the seed. This mandala tapestry depicts the essence of water and the creations within.

Mandala Tapestry And So It Grows

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Mandala Tapestry: It Takes All Kinds – The Universal Need to Express

As we being to grow, we need to express. As anything begins to grow it needs to express. The small daisy bud becomes a flower. A baby grows to be a child, teen, then adult. An idea becomes a journal entry, then a painting, book, blog post… Everything in the universe has a desire to express, to shine the inner light of its essence. This mandala tapestry is popular with kids and adults!

Mandala Tapestry The Universal Need to Express

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Mandala Tapestry: Self Actualization – The Universal Need to Evolve

All of creation is evolutionary. Once something begins to express itself, it needs to evolve. Perhaps part of it is to remain alive, for survival. In human beings, it seems to be that evolution is necessary to truly express one’s essence. This mandala tapestry has symbols and colors that evoke evolutionary thought.

Mandala Tapestry The Universal Need to Evolve

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Mandala Tapestry: The Circle Of Life: Relationships

“No man is an island” is a famous quote we’ve all heard (John Donne 1572-1631). Some of us may think we are, however, there is no escaping the fact that we belong to one race – the human race. What happens to each of us individually affects everyone around us in profound and subtle ways. This mandala represents how we progress from the relationships we are born into to (the small white flower in the middle), and expanding and reaching other people and groups of people (school, friends, places of worship, neighborhoods). All relationships affect other relationships in obvious and not so obvious ways. We are always connected in some way to everyone we have ever met.

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Mandala Tapestry: Co-Creation – Contracts are Made

Everything is dependent upon everything. We are all interconnected. As we evolve we make contracts with those who are on our path. Some are sacred contracts we make with others to help along our path of evolution. This mandala tapestry depicts the indigenous story of snakes shedding their skin as they evolve and grow.

Mandala Tapestry Sacred Contracts

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Mandala Tapestry: Grace and Ease – The Art of Allowing

There is a benevolent force in the Universe. While life and creation may seem chaotic, there is a flow, a purpose for everything. When that flow, that power, is tapped into, there is an experience of grace, of ease. We can witness it in nature. This is my favorite of all my mandala tapestries. A mandala in the clouds.

Mandala Tapestry Grace and Ease

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Mandala Tapestry: Ever Changing – Always Changing

The only thing we know for sure is that things change. Everything changes. Change is beautiful. It’s what gives us the seasons. Our emotions go from happy to sad, angry to compassionate. This makes for a beautiful spectrum of balance and harmony. This mandala tapestry evokes the natural change of the seasons, which helps you remember that change IS natural and evokes feelings of calmness.

Mandala Tapestry Ever Changing Always Changing

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Mandala Tapestries will help create a sense of peace and harmony.

Mandala Tapestries can be an integral part of mindfulness practices and can enhance meditation and yoga.

Mandala Tapestries Gift Card

You can get a gift card for mandala tapestries if you can’t decide which of the above mandala tapestries you’d like.


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