Mandalas saved my life. I learned how to draw, paint and incorporate them into my life from my mentor, friend and amazing artist, Merry Norris of

Merry learned the process of creating mandalas from Paul Heussentamm of Paul has been dubbed the “Mandala Man.” His work is often on the set with Deepak Chopra.

Merry decided to teach the magic of the mandala to women to help them heal. I am one of the lucky recipients of the healing love of her and the mandala!

Here’s a mandala doodle I did in Merry’s studio the other night on a silk circle she found.

I love you Merry!


  1. Kathy – you never cease to amaze me. This work is stunning!!! It moves my soul. I would love to train with you and will reach out to talk soon.

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