This was awesome. After this class, I feel that anything is possible!”
~ Care

Thank you for offering such a wonderful course. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts and stories. The way you presented the course really pulled everyone out of their shells. It also helped me to look at myself in a different way. It really made me think about my life, past, and present. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

Awesome Class:) I had so much fun drawing with you.”

I loved this class! You make everyone comfortable from the first minute. I also think it is wonderful that you help the class coalesce as a unit. The meditation at the beginning is great. Answering and sharing our answers… you have so much knowledge and you share it so willingly. The supplies you bring us are great too! Thank you!”
~xox Steph

Your books and talks are very inspiring. Heart. Mind. Opening. You allowed safety and grace for us to be however we needed to be. Your allowing and reassuring way made it safe and easy for me to attend, to relax into having fun with it. The avoidance of comparisons was great. I cannot think of anything that I would change.”

I loved this class. I liked the book a lot, and loved the creative process. There is magic in it! I found myself changing over these weeks. Getting things done that I have been procrastinating over. Good food, good company.”

I enjoyed being with all the different people and having thoughtful conversations. It was so much fun just letting loose and drawing for pleasure. I love how simple you made the course, instruction and I feel as I’ve learned a new skill that’ll be really useful and just overall fun!”

Good class. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every week. The best was showing us particular styles to help us feel more confident in what we are learning, especially if there is not art background.