It’s the dawning of a new year and possibilities abound!


You may want to write a book. You may want to learn how to build websites. You may have a big project already on your plate and don’t know how all the details will pan out. You may want to plant a garden in the spring. You may have a dissertation to write or a big proposal. You may want new clients, or new friends.

Most likely there are at least one or two new “big” things you’d like to accomplish in 2016. And there could even be a hidden goal that your soul wants you to uncover.

How do you tap into them? How do you decide what to focus your attention on?

In my experience, it’s when I got out-of-the-way and let spirit guide me is when I’ve been the most successful. Today my life is more satisfying and successful than I ever dreamed.

My focus is to have time to do what I value most, being with family and friends, creating memories of love and joy. I work at home and make my own hours. In 2015, I took off 2 days a week to watch my granddaughter Ruby – which means I only worked 3 days a week at the most.

We went swimming, baked cookies, played in the snow, planted a garden, filled bird feeders and watched the birds eat at the window while we sat and ate the breakfasts and lunches we made together.

picnicWe had picnics in the yard and chased bubbles, we went to the beach, we went to parks and played for hours at a time. We played in the snow. We went for walks and collected rocks. We painted and used so much glitter that theres’ a slight sparkle all over my office.

So, I spent my time as I wanted and I built my business bigger than any previous year and I wrote a book that sold hundreds of copies within months.

How did I do this?

I let spirit guide me. It was a simple process of letting go and allowing myself to be creative with a few pencils, notebooks and markers. During meetings, workshops and even in church, I doodled and colored mandalas with abandon. While doing so, my “monkey mind” stopped. I just allowed what was coming to me to process in the way spirit wanted it to, which allowed ideas and inspirations to come to the surface at their own divine timing (not mine).

I met people who wanted to do business with me easily. My phone rang and emails came from people asking for me to work with them while easily getting the amount of money I want and need to make a living.

The book title popped into my head one night and as I doodled more, the 8 chapters literally downloaded as I quickly wrote them down. When I thought I had a better idea for the name of the book “Activate Divine Creativity” and tried to change it, spirit said nope and told me why…

I wasn’t comfortable using the word “divine.” I thought I should use a word like “power” or just take it out altogether. As I was coming up with brilliant new names,  I thought I’d see what books I have that inspired me over the years.  I walked to my bookshelf and grabbed one – and it was a Carl Yung book I forgot I had. That sparked a memory of being at the Yung House in 2002 where I first heard the concept that WE ARE ALL DIVINE.

“OK! OK!” I said to spirit – “I’ll leave the name of the book as is… Activate Divine Creativity.”

That is how spirit works. You HAVE to give it room.

You HAVE to turn off the monkey mind. You HAVE to allow spirit to talk to you, show you the way and help you create the relationships you need to make your dreams come true.

That is what my book is about. 8 simple chapters that start with planting a seed and nurturing and growing it to fruition. I teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of doubt, fear and even despair that many of us experience as we pursue our dreams.

My goal is to make it easier by allowing the creative spark in you to grow and make you SHINE!


If so, I encourage you to buy the book and sign up for updates on upcoming workshops, retreats and an Activate Divine Creativity Mastermind group that will be forming in 2016.


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