This mandala was inspired by the song… “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”



If your light isn’t shining, you’re dead. It’s the gift of life, this little light of yours. The energy that pumps your blood and makes you breathe. It’s a light that can not be stopped short of death.

You need to express this light.

You can pretend you’re not creative, you can hide away in your tiny little life. But the light will always be shining to keep you alive and wants to express in creative ways.

It can be crunching numbers, painting landscapes or spray painting graffiti. It can be forming teams, creating a business, teaching, training, dancing, traveling, writing, playing an instrument, singing, crafting, weaving, sewing, whittling, whistling, gardening, doodling or speaking to the United Nations. It just must be expressed!

You know how you want to express your light. You have an inkling, your soul is whispering it to you. Your light must be expressed or your mind and body will rebel with sickness and/or depression. Your light doesn’t care how you express it, only that you do.

Here are some questions for YOU to contemplate as you color this mandala:

How do you like express yourself?

What is it you LOVE to do? Just love love love to do?

What did you love to do what you were a child that you don’t do now?

Download the mandala and color it in (or Buy it Amazon.) and let me know what it inspires for you! Share it here, on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram

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