This mandala (my favorite one in the book) was inspired by the realization that life unfolds in perfect and miraculous ways like a flower blooming into perfection with no intervention.


When I was going through the worst periods of my life, I thought it would never get better and that I didn’t deserve love. I could not see how I could possibly fix the mess that I perceived my life to be.

Looking back, I see that by the grace of God, we are placed into circles and communities of people who are supporting us, even if we’re not aware.

We simply are not alone here, physically or energetically.

There were times when I had to venture out even when I was afraid. There were times when I had to surrender and say I need help. And there were times when I had to admit my own mistakes and make amends. Life got better. Not always easier, but better.

In hindsight, I see friends, neighbors and family members had my back all along.

Here are some questions for YOU to contemplate as you color this mandala:

Who in your life has supported you through good and bad and even surprised you as you look back on it?

What are the areas in your life where you have blossomed and grown the most?

Download the mandala and color it while you contemplate each question (or Buy it Amazon.) and let me know what it inspires for you! Share it here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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