This mandala was inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


As human beings we are evolving from fight or flight to love and compassion.

We are taking care of ourselves, our planet and our fellow man more and more.

It’s not longer weird to do yoga or to meditate and use alternative, healthy ways of healing. Collectively, we’re listening our individual bodies, minds and souls for answers instead of relying on religion, the government and corporations to dictate what we do and how we think.

Here are some questions for YOU to contemplate as you color this mandala:

It seems that it’s critical that we all realize that we are in this life together in order to survive. Do you agree?

How have you evolved in your own life mentally, spiritually and physically?

What is it you’d like to improve in your own life to be a better person?

What would you like to leave as your legacy, in other words, what do you want people to say about you when you’re gone?

Download the mandala and color it as you contemplate each question, (or Buy it Amazon.) and let me know what it inspires for you! Share it here, on Facebook, Twitteror Instagram.

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