This mandala was inspired by the natural expressions of water.



Most of us have very little knowledge or understanding of what’s going on underneath the surface. The waves come and go, they swell, they break. We love to listen to the waves, walk the beaches, swim and skim along the surface in boats, jet skis and rafts. We harvest the bounty of life, we collect shells and build sand castles.

Underneath the water there are millions of things going on that are not only a mystery to us, but are critical to our well being and the well being of the planet. 71% of the earth is water. 73% of the human body is water. It’s a complete mystery to me and a constant allure. I love being near the water, feeling that power of creation.

Here are some questions for YOU to contemplate as you color this mandala:

What type of nature inspires you?

What do you feel when you’re in or near your favorite nature surroundings?

Download the mandala and color it while you contemplate each question (or Buy it Amazon.) and let me know what it inspires for you! Share it here, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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