Why do people doodle?

Because we are in a constant state of change and expansion. Our minds WANT to create. Our souls WANT to create. There is no stopping creation.


If you think you’re not creative, think again.

If you weren’t in a constant state of creation, you’d be dead. You cells are creating new buddies constantly. The very spirit that moves you to create, breathes your air and pumps your blood.

So, when we allow that pen or pencil to just GO on the paper, we begin to create our own artistic expression of who we are. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t have to be a “masterpiece”.

To your soul, anything you doodle is a masterpiece. It’s uniquely you. It’s your subconscious mind having some fun or expressing a desire to heal and to grow.

So doodle my friends. You’ll find you remember better, you become clear and you relax.

Doodling uses both sides of your brain and shuts up the chatter going on in your head.

It may even be better than an anti-depressives. I’m just sayin…

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