How about something different than politics on the news? How about adult coloring?

Why is adult coloring so popular these days? I mean, coloring books for adults? Well, these are not the simple drawings you’re used to in the coloring books as a child. Adult coloring books are detailed and challenging.


  1. Balance. When you’re coloring or doodling, you’re using BOTH sides of your brain. This means you’re activating both your logical side and your creative side (to put it simply).  This is a very satisfying  place to be. You feel balanced and more whole.
  2. Simpler Times. As you color you conjure up memories of a simpler time in your childhood. A brand new coloring book with colorful markers and pencils opens you up to a world of possibilities.
  3. Mindfulness. There are plenty of studies of how mindfulness is good for you. Meditation and yoga have become household words. It’s not weird at all anymore to say you meditate every day. The message is loud and clear “turn off your mind for a while and reduce stress!” 
  4. Mediation on Steroids. Coloring is a fun and easy way to turn off your brain, like when you meditate. Somehow, meditation seems more difficult because we’re taught to have a special quite place where you can go and turn the world off. But coloring allows you to well, just color! You don’t have to escape, you can color while the TV is on or your kids are doing their homework. You can sit quietly at your kitchen table and color while you’re waiting for the dryer to finish. There are no rules as to how to do it correctly. It allows you to escape, if only for a few minutes while making something beautifully your own!
  5. Unplugging. Let’s be real, we’re all tired of being at our computer, checking emails and texts and playing with an app on our phone. We are naturally creative beings. We WANT to create. Our souls crave it. But scrolling through Facebook, checking Pinterest for the latest crafts or connecting with another 100 people on Linkedin doesn’t cut it. We’ve filled the time we used to use for hobbies with technology – and we’re tired of it!

Fox news did a great short segment on the power of adult coloring!

So get a coloring book and some colored pencils and give it a try! Activate Divine Creativity is both a story about how doodling and coloring mandalas helped me access the core of my creativity and become a whole, happy person!

Activate-Divine-Creativity-BooksWhat a great Christmas gift. It’s like being a kid again – duh! That’s why we love it!

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