Have you seen the amount of adult coloring books showing up on bookstore shelves and on Amazon?

What’s the big deal? Why are they so popular?

1. We are all tired of technology.

Computers, laptops, ipads, iphones, apps, updates, emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Yikes!  It’s no wonder that people are taking to grabbing colored pencils and coloring on paper. We’ve had enough of it! Our brains are saturated.

We’re overwhelmed. We’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

We need a rest.

2. Coloring settles the mind.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard how meditation and being mindful can help you de-stress and live a more balanced life. quiet-mindColoring does just that without having to have a special quiet place to meditate, or having to drive to a yoga studio.

You can color anywhere.

Coloring or drawing powerfully engages both sides of your brain, which creates an “active” meditative state.

Coloring actually super-charges your brain as it’s activating your creative self while engaging your analytical side at the same time.

This is all done while you are just having fun.

3. Memories of childhood.

Coloring brings back memories of when your biggest challenge was what color marker to pick next. It brings a sense of joy and freedom many don’t often feel their busy lives.

We all enjoy watching children play, why? Because WE WANT TO PLAY!

You see, we all want to be creative.

Even if you’re a high-powered executive, a high profile reporter, a lawyer or an accountant.

We WANT to use our hands to create something real. We’re tired of electronic devices.

We are all yearning to quiet our minds.


The truth is, we want to be happy.

We’re learning that happiness is fleeting and can’t be bought.

It’s not about how we look or who we know, it’s about being the creative human being we were born to be.

Adult coloring give us the opportunity to stop and be quiet, while being creative at the same time.

Why else would adult coloring be wildly popular?

Activate Divine Creativity is a little different than all the other coloring books you see on the shelves.

It’s small, but it’s powerful.

There are 8 mandalas that were hand drawn and each one has an intention to help you grow in your own creative power. There are 8 important steps in creation and each one is designed to illustrate those steps.

I’m honored to have the book I wrote about the power of doodling and coloring mandalas and it’s companion adult coloring book featured in CEOColumbus.com.

They captured the spirit of why I created the books, to help fellow stressed out people find the creative light inside waiting to be activated again.

Give yourself the gift of a fun, easy way to “get away from it all!”

Click here to find the books on Amazon.

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